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Berenstain Bears - Snow Bears

Berenstain Bears - Snow Bears

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The Berenstain Bears videos are based on the best-selling books by Stan and Jan Berenstain that have sold more than 260,000,000 copies worldwide. Known and loved by children of all ages these fun and educational videos teach social skills, character traits, friendship skills and more.

Set in the rolling hills of Bear Country, this animated comedy stars a fun loving family of honey Bears, Mamma, Pappa, Brother and Sister, whose love, loyalty and humour allow them to overcome any obstacle that finds its way down to their sunny dirt road. The funny, familiar experiences of this bear family are easy for kids to identify with and learn from.

Includes the folowing episodes:

  • Bears For All Seasons- When the cubs find their outdoors plans repeatedly cancelled because of unseasonable weather changes, instead of moping around the house, Mama gets them outside where they inevitably find all sorts of seasonable things to do. Whether it’s playing in the leaves, going for hikes or making snowbears, thanks to Mama, the cubs learn not to waste today wishing it were yesterday, and to make the most of what each day has to offer.
  • Draw It- Brother is pretty good at drawing faces, but he would like to be better at it. When given the chance, he joins Mr. Drewbeary’s art class. To his disappointment, instead of drawing faces, the teacher has them drawing circles and squares instead. It’s only through helping a younger cub learn the importance of practicing stance and posture in order to hit home runs better that Brother realizes the same goes for drawing where he too must learn the basics before going onto the next step.
  • Say Please and Thank You- Brother and Sister seem to have forgotten some important manners - like saying “please” when they need something, or saying “thank you” when something gets done for them. In fact, a lack of manners seems to be the norm around Bear Country school as well. After a few incidents are relayed to Mama and Papa during dinner, the cubs are reminded about the importance of saying please and thank you, and how much those three little words show appreciation and respect for others, and the things people do for them. Brother and Sister set out on a Please and Thank You mission at school the next day. Before long, the cubs’ manners and show of appreciation start rubbing off on everyone, culminating in the school’s presentation of a plaque and big round of thanks to the school’s caretaker, Grumpy Grizzly.
  • Help Around The Workshop- In an attempt to help him save time, Mama puts Papa’s workshop in order. She puts every one of his tools away in its own special place so he doesn’t have to waste time digging around for it. Although it seemed like a good idea, Papa finds Mama’s organization has actually cost him more time because he has to go ask Mama where she put each tool every time he needs one of them. Ultimately Papa discovers there’s more than one way to do something right. With Brother’s help, he combines his way of having everything out where he can see it along with Mama’s way of having everything in its place by arranging all his tools on a big peg board - each one neatly in its own place, but out where he can see it.
  • Pet Show- Brother wants to take part in the local pet show, but Sister has already entered their dog, Little Lady and the show entrance is limited to one owner per pet. Grizzly Gran offers to let Brother take her pet parakeet as his entry. Brother’s initial enthusiasm wanes when he discovers that the bird can do nothing more than make odd sounds. When Gran explains that these sounds imitate noises around the house, Brother sees the potential for an entertaining sound effects act, starring, Little Bird Blue.