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Berenstain Bears - Visit Fun Park

Berenstain Bears - Visit Fun Park

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The Berenstain Bears videos are based on the best-selling books by Stan and Jan Berenstain that have sold more than 260,000,000 copies worldwide. Known and loved by children of all ages these fun and educational videos teach social skills, character traits, friendship skills and more.

Set in the rolling hills of Bear Country, this animated comedy stars a fun loving family of honey Bears, Mamma, Pappa, Brother and Sister, whose love, loyalty and humour allow them to overcome any obstacle that finds its way down to their sunny dirt road. The funny, familiar experiences of this bear family are easy for kids to identify with and learn from.

Includes the folowing episodes:

  • Visit Fun Park- A ream of free ride tickets given to Mama at the supermarket prompts the Bear family to go to the amusement park. Brother boasts to friends and family that he’ll fearlessly ride the legendary Thunderbolt roller coaster. However, when Brother sees how scary the ride actually is, he spends the rest of his day desperately trying to avoid it. The moment of reckoning for his boastful behavior comes as Brother is about to board the dreaded ride and backs out at the last moment.
  • Go To The Movies- When Mama decides the Bear Family needs to spend more quality time together, all that can be managed is a movie night. Although silently staring at a movie screen isn’t Mama’s idea of ‘quality time together’, it’s all the Bear Family’s busy schedules will allow. Unfortunately, most of their movie night is spent just trying to get to the theatre, and inevitably, between a spooky detour to Squire’s Mansion, running out of gas on a dark country road, etc. they arrive too late to see the film. Nevertheless, they realize that all their mishaps getting to the theatre have provided the members of the Bear Family with a wonderful, fun-filled evening of adventure. And the best part about it was they enjoyed it together as a family.
  • Gotta Dance- The Bear Country Spring Fling is coming up and Mama and Papa are going to kick it off with a dance demonstration. But Papa is so busy building the stage that he doesn’t have time to practice with Mama, so she conscripts Brother as her dance practice partner. There’s only one catch - Brother can’t dance and doesn’t even want to try because he feels he’ll look silly. But thanks to Mama, Brother learns that dance moves are a lot like sports moves which he’s more than capable of and comfortable with - so much so that Brother fills in for Papa in the real dance demonstration.
  • White Water Mystery- At a weekend cub camp, Too Tall and the gang make a mess out of everything from pitching their tent to tie-dying t-shirts - all because Too Tall is too self-conscious to ask anyone for help. He professes to know everything to the point where he even accepts a canoe race challenge from Cousin Fred. But the night before the race, Too Tall secretly admits to Brother that he has no idea how to paddle a canoe and asks for his help. Brother is more than happy to oblige and gives him a crash course, which not only allows Too Tall to save face the next day at the race, but helps him learn that there’s nothing wrong with not knowing something or asking for help.
  • Papa’s Pizza- Brother and Sister are having all of their friends over for a party, and want to serve something that all of them will like to eat. When they poll their pals for everyone’s dietary likes and dislikes, they’re shocked to discover their friends all like and dislike different things. Although Mama and Papa explain that there’s nothing wrong with liking and disliking different things as it helps make each of us ‘special’, it doesn’t help the cubs with their party menu. It’s Papa that comes to the rescue when he suggests they celebrate everyone’s individuality by providing their party guests with the ingredients to make everyone a personal pizza of their own.