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Stand Up Against Bullies!  Grades 3-5 with CD

Stand Up Against Bullies! Grades 3-5 with CD

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This comprehensive 9-lesson program will help the bullies understand their actions and how others feel about the way they behave. Prepare children now for dealing with a problem that affects all children in one way or another either as being a victim, bystander, or the bully. The program includes:
  • Detailed plans for each lesson.
  • Stories about bullies who tattle, push others around, form cliques, tease, can’t accept differences, are jealous, are prejudiced, and lack compassion.
  • Analytical examination: Students examine each situation from the viewpoint of the bully, victim, and bystanders.
  • Role-plays: Students role-play the way to handle a difficult bullying situation.
  • Reproducible activity sheets.
The CD includes black and white PDF files of the lesson book’s reproducible stories and activity pages and five printable 11 X 17 posters. Level 1 Whiteboard compatible.