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Careers for Me II DVD

Careers for Me II DVD

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Three levels - one for each Careers for Me!

Each of these invaluable DVDs explains what an assessment is and guides your students through the administration of Careers for Me.

The goals of Careers for me change slightly with each age-related version, but they all help students:

  • Learn more about themselves and their personal interests
  • Gain an awareness of various new job titles
  • Be exposed to the concept of school-to-work
  • Have an understanding of how jobs can be grouped into clusters
  • Be encouraged to research careers which fit their interests
  • Start the process of understanding how they fit in with the world of work
  • Begin the career awareness and preparation process in a non-stressful and insightful manner

Each unique video introduces Careers for Me, teaches concepts at an age-appropriate level, and shows students how to tally their scores. The video is paused while students complete the assessment and is restarted after the interests are tallied to explore each of the six Careers for Me clusters.

The six covered clusters are:

  • Environmental & Agriculture
  • Health Human Services
  • Arts & Communications
  • Business & Management
  • Industrial & Engineering Systems
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