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Pathfinder Career and Educational Paths Workbook

Pathfinder Career and Educational Paths Workbook

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Reflects the National Career Development Guidelines for school-aged youth. Includes many hands-on activities and an extensive career interest checklist. With this workbook, students explore the 14 career interests groups, their values, and preferences so they can make informed education and career choices.

Pathfinder helps young people explore their options such as getting a job right out of high school, receiving job training beyond high school, or going to college. It also includes advice on scheduling courses and activities to help meet long-term career goals.

Young people will learn about the skills needed in school and work. They will identify their own skills and discover how to improve them. Foundation skills from the Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) Report are used to illustrate the link between education and jobs.

The fourth edition has been completely updated and includes: information on 14 career interest areas; integration of technology jobs throughout; and many new activities including several SCANS skill activities.

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