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Welcome to the Real World: Jobs that Work for Teens DVDs

Welcome to the Real World: Jobs that Work for Teens DVDs

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3-Volume DVD Set!

Do your students think making money is the only benefit from working? Teens learn how a part time, summer or community service job gains them experience, knowledge, self-confidence, time management skills, responsibility and more. Teens who are currently working share their experiences of work and how it is making a change in their lives. These videos are loaded with practical advice on how to choose a job or community service, networking, submitting a resume and application and surviving an interview.

PART 1: WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE features a camp counselor, food service worker, pet store clerk, office worker and construction worker. Two career counselors give great tips on getting and keeping a job.

PART 2: WORKING FOR YOURSELF Featured are teen band members, a computer freelancer, a housesitter/petsitter team, swimming teachers and a crafter. An accomplished adult entrepreneur offers students inside tips on what it takes to be in business for yourself and how to get started.

PART 3: WORKING IN COMMUNITY SERVICE Featured are a tutor, animal care worker, hospital aide, community service volunteer and child care helper. A community service volunteer director helps your students to find the right job for them.

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