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Bad Friendships: Doing More Harm than Good

Bad Friendships: Doing More Harm than Good

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It is often true in life that we are judged by the company we keep. For middle-schoolers, finding a healthy group of friends is especially important. This program calls attention to the negative impact that can result from having a “bad” circle of friends—-those who are risk takers, betrayers and abusers as well as friends who lie, friends who don’t listen, and friends who are overly dependent.

A diverse selection of young people describe their own involvement with bad friends, and identify the characteristics that they now seek in their friends. An adolescent psychologist advises teens who are enmeshed in these types of negative relationships to either change the dynamics of the friendship, or move on to make connections with other, more positive peers. Viewers of Bad Friendships will be provided with important tips on how to make the best of their friendships, and themselves. Teacher’s Resource Book includes role plays and other activities designed to build social competence and self-esteem.

Includes Pre- and Post-Tests, DVD & Teacher's Resource Book.