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Buddy's Family Changes Student Involvement Pack

Buddy's Family Changes Student Involvement Pack

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Buddy is upset because his parents are separating. When he starts fighting with other children and making low grades in school, his mother suggests he meet with the school counselor. The counselor and Buddy discuss and demonstrate the following points:
  • 1. All families change; that is natural
  • 2. Buddy isn't causing the change and can't stop it
  • 3. It is okay for Buddy to have many different feelings about the change
  • 4. Buddy will always have someone to care for him
  • 5. It takes time for hearts to heal

Student Involvement Pack includes:

  • Reproducible black & white story book
  • Reproducible black & white activities
  • Full color 11"x17" poster
  • CD of all included material for easy printing
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