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Camp Care-A-Lot

Camp Care-A-Lot

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Camp Care-A-Lot was developed to help school counselors meet the increasing needs of students with a decreasing amount of time available to do so. Classroom instruction time has become so focused on meeting academic goals that social-skills lessons are often not given the attention they require. In this fun and innovative program, students meet with the counselor once a week for 10 weeks during their lunch time. The student “campers” are divided into 3-6 member groups called “cabins.” Using the Camp Care-A-Lot format, a counselor can meet and teach many students without affecting classroom instruction time.

The lessons include:

Camp Care-A-Lot Week 1: Procedures And Rules

Camp Care-A-Lot Week 2: Getting To Know Oneself

Camp Care-A-Lot Week 3: My Family

Camp Care-A-Lot Week 4: Fishing For Feelings

Camp Care-A-Lot Week 5: Take A Hike, Worry

Camp Care-A-Lot Week 6: Anger-Management

Camp Care-A-Lot Week 7: Bullying And Teasing

Camp Care-A-Lot Week 8: Reframing Thinking

Camp Care-A-Lot Week 9: What’s Your Magic Potion?

Camp Care-A-Lot Week 10: Weiner Roast

The Camp Care-A-Lot program gives students an opportunity to participate in activities and talk in small groups about issues they have concerning many different situations. Students who could benefit from participating in Camp Care-A-Lot are those going through challenges in their lives (divorce, separation, new stepfamily, lack of a parent figure, loss of a family member, moving, etc.) or a student might just need some extra encouragement to feel successful. Camp Care-A-Lot is also a great experience for children who are dealing with teasing and bullying.

Each lesson includes complete directions for presentation, and the included CD allows the user to easily print the reproducible worksheets/pages in black and white or color. PDFs on CD are level 1 Whiteboard Compatible.