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Kit Kat's Tool Kit

Kit Kat's Tool Kit

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Many of the children seen by counselors have experienced a traumatic event in their lives. Some may have lived through natural disasters, been victims of violent crimes, or been sexually abused. Others may have witnessed a shocking incident that has impacted their ability to function successfully.

This fun and easy to learn game is intended to help the counselor gently guide each child through the process of healing. Using a combination of leading questions and relaxation exercises children learn constructive ways to express their feelings and emotions regarding the event and build a tool set for ways to cope. The child’s responses to the questions can help the counselor assess the depth of emotional instability and the progress the child has made in dealing with the issues involved.

The child will have the opportunity to express the turmoil he’s been experiencing and the resultant effects in his life. Positive coping strategies are presented and should be discussed. The child can be taught how to use these strategies effectively so he can grow emotionally and start to overcome the trauma he has experienced. All while having fun!

This game can be used in conjunction with the “Something Scary Happened to Me” workbook, or as a separate therapeutic tool and is great for both individual or group sessions. Game play is flexible and allows for varying the playing time to fit time available.

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