Archaeologists study humans' past through the things they left behind. They recover and examine physical things found at excavation sites which can help us learn about the history of earlier civilizations. The artifacts found may include tools, pottery and jewelry. Archaeologists use these artifacts to learn about the history, customs and living habits of past human cultures.

Working Conditions

Archaeologists usually work for colleges and universities. They often divide their time among teaching, research and writing. Archaeologists may travel to remote areas. The work can be physically demanding at times.


The average salary is $35,000 and average salary working for the Federal Government is $43,450.

Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Statistics and mathematics are essential and the ability to use computers is mandatory. Being creative and the ability to think logically and analyze data is important. Excellent written and oral communication skills are essential.

Related Jobs

Other fields that require similar training and qualities are lawyers; statisticians; mathematicians; computer programmers; computer scientists; computer engineers; and systems analysts; reporters and correspondents; social workers; college and university faculty; and counselors.

Education & Training

Job Outlook

There will be keen competition for available job openings.