College Professor


College professors teach in a specific subject or field. They do a major part of our nation's research. College professors also serve on committees and may work with students in different organizations. They often live on or near the college campus for which they work.

Working Conditions

Work hours for college professors are often fleixble. They must be available for classes, research and meeting with students and committees. Evening work is common.


Earnings vary depending on location and type of college. The average salary for all full-time professors is around $56,000.

Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Oral and written communication skills are essential for this job. A well-rounded education including English, social studies, mathematics, biology and computer science is helpful in all fields.

Related Jobs

College and university professors work as teachers and researchers. They communicate information and ideas. Related occupations include elementary and secondary school teachers, librarians, writers, consultants, lobbyists, trainers and employee development specialists and policy analysts. Research activities are similar to those of scientists.

Education & Training

Four-year colleges usually require doctoral degree holders. In two-year colleges, many positions are filled with master's degree holders.

Job Outlook

Even with an increase in employment of college professors, there will still be competition for the available full-time jobs. Many colleges are expected to replace part-time positions for full-time, tenure track positions.

Sources for Additional Information

Look for The Chronicle of Higher Education in libraries.
Contact a professional organization in the field of your choice
for academic employment opportunities.