Criminalists examine evidence found at the scene of a crime. They will use microscopes and computers to examine this evidence. Some of the items criminalists examine are guns, bullets, hair fibers and blood. They are part of the team who figures out what happened at a crime scene.

Working Conditions

Criminalists work in a laboratory to examine the evidence from a crime scene. Their hours may be long.


Salaries range from around $24,000 as a starting salary to over $60,000 for more experienced criminalists.

Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Good research and communication skills are helpful for this career. Classes in computer science, mathematics, statistics, sociology, biology and criminal justice will help prepare someone for a career in this field.

Related Jobs

Detectives, FBI agents, forensic experts and police officers.

Education & Training

A bachelors degree is needed for this job.

Job Outlook

There are more opportunities in this field, but there will continue to be some competition for good jobs.