Emergency Medical Technician


Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are the people who come when someone needs emergency medical attention. This can be if someone is injured, sick, has had a heart attack, or many other conditions. Their duties can include performing lifesaving measures, such as CPR. The most well-trained EMTs are called paramedics. They can provide more extensive medical treatment before reaching a hospital.

Working Conditions

Emergency medical technicians often work over forty hours a week. They work indoors and outdoors in all kinds of weather.


The general salary range for this occupation is between $13,000 and $35,000.

Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Good vision, physical fitness and strength to lift and carry heavy loads are all necessary. People must be emotionally ready to handle the stress that comes with this job.

Related Jobs

Other workers in jobs that require quick and level-headed reactions to life-or-death situations are police officers, firefighters, air traffic controllers, and workers in other health occupations.

Education & Training

Certification is required in all states. Basic training after high school can take a few weeks while advanced training lasts up to two years and results in an associate degree.

Job Outlook

There should be good opportunities for this occupation, especially in hospitals and private ambulance services. There will be more competition for jobs in local government positions.

Sources for Additional Information

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
408 Monroe St.
Clinton, MS 39056

National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
P.O. Box 29233
Columbus, OH 43229