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Fitness Entrepreneur


Fitness entrepreneurs are business owners whose business is related to fitness. As an owner, they must be involved in all aspects of running a business, including accounting, marketing and hiring employees. Their knowledge of fitness and health is usually critical to running a successful business. This career can be a good way to combines one's skills with their interests. Owning a business has many rewards, but can be very demanding.

Working Conditions

Fitness entrepreneurs usually work long hours. Working evenings and weekends is not unusual for any business owner.


As with any business, the amount of profit earned depends on the commitment, knowledge and resources invested. Large earnings are available to those with the ability and commitment to build a business.

Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Business skills such as accounting, management and marketing are critical. A knowledge base related to the type of fitness operation speciality is necessary, such as yoga, fitness, nutrition, sports, etc.

Related Jobs

Occupations related to runnng a business are marketing manager, financial manager, accountant and operations manager.

Education & Training

There are no set requirements for being a fitness entrepreneur, however, the more knowledge and training in business administration a person has, the more their chances for sucess increase. Additionally, there are substantial start-up costs involved with setting up a successful business. Purchasing or renting a facility and equipment and hiring employees are just a few of the primary investments.

Job Outlook

As concern over physical fitness grows, the need for health clubs, fitness centers, gyms and sports centers grows as well. Persons with the financial requirements, knowledge, and commitment should be able to find success with this occupation.

Sources for Additional Information

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Recreation and Dance
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Reston, VA 20191

United States Small Business Administration
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