Graphic Artists


Graphic artists (also known as graphic designers) use their artistic skills to help businesses sell their products or services. They use computers to make new images, design packaging and produce brochures. Graphic artists may also plan the layout of websites or produce the credits that appear before and after television shows and movies. Graphic artists planned the layout of this software.

Working Conditions

Graphic artists work in offices with good lighting. They must sit much of the day in front of the computer. Sometimes they must travel to meet with clients.


The middle fifty percent of graphic artists earn between $23,790 and $41,980 per year. Well-established freelance graphic artists can earn much more than salaried artists do.

Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Graphic designers must demonstrate artistic ability and creative thinking. Courses in art and computer science are recommended.

Related Jobs

Other workers who apply visual art skills include architects, landscape architects, photographers, and floral designers.

Education & Training

Evidence of appropriate talent and skill, displayed in an artist's portfolio, is an important factor used by art and design directors and clients when selecting a graphic artist. Academic training leading to a bachelor's degree in art or design has almost become a necessity.

Job Outlook

Very good opportunities for graphic designers are expected.

Sources for Additional Information

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New York, NY 10010

The National Association of Schools of Art and Design
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