Home Health Nurses


Home health nurses go to a patient's home to care for them. The nurse is also able to instruct family members on how to help care for the patient. The patients that home health nurses care for may need help for many different reasons. Some may be ill and some may be getting better from an accident. Home health nurses may supervise home health aides if needed.

Working Conditions

Home health nurses spend a lot of time traveling to different locations. They may visit many patients in a single day. An office is used to complete paperwork that is needed for every patient. Their hours may vary depending on the needs of the patients.


The annual salary for home health nurses varies from $29,480 to $69,300, depending on where you live.

Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

It is important to like to help people, not mind hard work, be responsible, compassionate, emotionally stable and cheerful. Classes in first aid, health sciences, home economics, nutrition and English are helpful.

Related Jobs

Registered nurse, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, nursing aides, occupational therapists.

Education & Training

In all states, students must graduate from a nursing program and pass a national licensing examination to obtain a nursing license. There are both two-and four-year degree programs for becoming a nurse.

Job Outlook

There will continue to be excellent opportunities in this field due to fast employment growth and the growing number of older people.

Sources for Additional Information

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