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Interior Designer


Interior designers plan how furniture will be placed inside buildings. They also plan the colors, curtains, lighting, pictures and other details. Interior designers develop plans for different types of buildings such as homes, hospitals and offices. These plans are based on their clients' needs and tastes.

Working Conditions

Interior designers often work different hours based on their clients' schedules. There may be travel.


The middle fifty percent of interior designers earn between $23,580 and $42,570.

Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Creativity is crucial in all design occupations. People in this field must have an eye for color and detail, a sense of balance and proportion, and an appreciation for beauty.

Related Jobs

Design encompasses a number of different fields. Some of these are industrial designers, furniture designers, fashion designers and floral designers.

Education & Training

Interior designers normally need a college education. Interior design is the only design field subject to government regulation. According to the American Society for Interior Designers, 21 states and the District of Columbia require interior designers to be licensed. Membership in a professional association is important and requires the completion of three or four years of postsecondary education in design, at least two years of practical experience in the field, and passage of the National Council for Interior Design qualification examination.

Job Outlook

Despite projected faster-than-average employment growth, interior designers will face keen competition for available positions. Many talented individuals are attracted to careers as designers.

Sources for Additional Information

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