Multimedia Specialists


Multimedia specialists use a combination of media to communicate a message. The media used can be videos, pictures and text. Multimedia specialists visualize the idea, tie the media together and write the scripts for the message. The media are put together by using the computer to end up with a final message. These messages can be any number of things, such as advertisements or videos. This occupation is constantly changing to keep up with changing technology.

Working Conditions

Multimedia specialists work various hours depending on their client's schedules. Overtime, weekend and evening work may be needed to meet deadlines.



Salaries range widely with this career, from $18,000 to over $100,000 per year.


Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Film editing, graphic design, computer science, computer programming, art, mathematics and English. Creativity is a must for this job.


Related Jobs

Special effects technicians, graphic designers, lighting technicians, art directors, desktop publishing specialists, photographers, art directors and film editors.


Education & Training

A bachelor's degree is usually required. Training in advertising, marketing, computers and experience and/or coursework in video, film and television are all helpful.


Job Outlook

While these jobs can be competitive to get, qualified people will find opportunities.


Sources for Additional Information

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New York, NY 10160-1652

National Association of Schools of Art and Design
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