Recreation Leader


Recreation leaders plan, organize and direct recreation programs. The recreation programs may be in arts and crafts in addition to sports. They may organize tournaments and field trips. Recreation leaders help teach sportsmanship and teamwork. Goal setting is a regular part of their job. All ages, from children to senior citizens, may be in the programs a recreation leader coordinates.

Working Conditions

Recreation leaders may work nights and weekends. Many spend a lot of time working outdoors.


Recreation leaders who work full time have average earnings of between $6.14 and $10.65. Earnings of recreation workers in supervisory or managerial positions can be substantially higher.

Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Persons planning recreation careers should be outgoing, good at motivating people and sensitive to the needs of others. Good health and physical fitness are typically required. Knowledge of art, music, drama and athletics is desirable.

Related Jobs

Other occupations that require leadership and sensitivity in dealing with people are recreational therapists, social workers, and counselors. Other occupations that require physical fitness and a knowledge of athletics are coaches, athletic trainers and fitness entrepreneurs.

Education & Training

Educational requirements for recreation leaders range from a high school diploma, or sometimes less for many summer jobs, to graduate degrees for someone who wishes an administrative position. Full-time career professional positions usually require a college degree with a major in parks and recreation or leisure studies.

Job Outlook

Competition will remain keen for career positions in recreation, as the number of jobseekers for full-time positions is expected to exceed the number of job openings. Prospects are better for those seeking the large number of temporary, seasonal jobs.

Sources for Additional Information

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