Restaurant Managers


Restaurant managers maintain the running of a restaurant to make sure the customers are happy. They hire, supervise and sometimes help train workers. Restaurant managers are usually responsible for opening and closing the restaurant and for making deposits into a safe or bank. In addition, managers are responsible for making sure that the food is handled and prepared properly and the restaurant is clean.

Working Conditions

Restaurant managers often work nights, weekends and over 50 hours a week.


Salaries can range from $15,000 to over $45,000.

Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Managers must be able to solve problems and have good communication and leadership skills. Their appearance must be neat and clean and they must practice good hygiene. Helpful classes in school are speech communications, English, mathematics, business and foreign languages.

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Education & Training

Restaurants prefer to hire people with degrees in restaurant and institutional food service management. They will often hire those graduates who demonstrate an interest and aptitude. There are also two-year associate degree or certification programs available. Some managers are promoted from waiters, waitresses and chefs. Restaurant chains have training programs for management positions.

Job Outlook

There should be openings for qualified applicants. Those with a college degree have the best opportunities.

Sources for Additional Information

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