Sound Designers


Sound designers are music composers. They use electronic equipment, such as keyboards to create sounds. Natural sounds may be distorted to make unusual sounds. They use computers to blend and mix these sounds to create music. The music created is then used for films, television, advertisements and videos.

Working Conditions

Sound designers work various hours, often working overtime to meet deadlines.



There is a wide range of earnings for sound engineers, starting in the $18,000 range going up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Music, including music theory, and computer science are very important courses to take to help prepare this this career. Also, mathematics, English and business will be helpful.


Related Jobs

Broadcast engineers, composers, musicians, disc jockeys, and electrical and electronics engineers.


Education & Training

Most successful sound designers have some college background. Training in music is a must for this job.


Job Outlook

The music industry is very competitive, but those who stay on top of new technology will have the best opportunities.


Sources for Additional Information

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lake Worth, FL 33461

Audio Engineering Society (AES)
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New York, NY 10165-2520