Surgical Technologists


Surgical technologists help surgeons and nurses during operations. They help prepare patients for surgery. Surgical technologists set up operating rooms and move patients there. During surgery, technologists pass instruments and other items to surgeons.

Working Conditions

Surgical technologists may work evenings and weekends. They may also stand for long periods of time.


Salaries range from around $20,000 to over $35,000 a year.

Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Manual dexterity and emotionally stablility to handle the stresses of the operating room environment are important for this career. Classes in biology, health, English, anatomy, physiology and medical terminology are important.

Related Jobs

Other health occupations requiring around the same amount of training after high school include licensed practical nurses, respiratory therapists, medical laboratory assistants, medical assistants, dental assistants, optometric assistants and physical therapy aides.

Education & Training

There are two-year programs offered at community colleges, vocational schools, hospitals and the military. High school graduation is normally required to get into the programs.

Job Outlook

There should be excellent opportunities for this career. Hospitals will continue to be the main employer, but even more growth is expected in clinics.

Sources for Additional Information

Association of Surgical Technologists
7108-C South Alton Way
Englewood, CO 80112