Veterinary Technicians


Veterinary technicians, also called animal health technicians, help veterinarians provide health care to animals. They take temperatures, check ears and help in surgery and after surgery. Veterinary technicians also work with the animal's owners by helping them learn how to care for the animals when they go home. Part of their job includes making sure the surgery room is kept clean. They also help clean the cages and animals if needed.

Working Conditions

Veterinary technicians work in animal hospitals and clinics. They sometimes work long hours.


Annual salaries range from around $15,000 to over $35,000.

Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Being comfortable and having a gentle way with animals is an important skill for this job. Classes in biology, anatomy, mathematics, chemistry and English are helpful.

Related Jobs

Animal caretakers, animal breeders, animal trainers, livestock farm workers, ranchers, veterinarians, wildlife biologists and zoologists.

Education & Training

Completing a two-year program after high school is necessary for this career. Experience working with animals is also usually desirable.

Job Outlook

There are more job openings than there are applicants. There should continue to be good job openings for qualified people.

Sources for Additional Information

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