Web Developers


Web developers work for businesses who want to develop a presence on the world wide web. They design a website that meets goals of the business. The majority of web developers are self-employed. When self-employed, a worker must wear many hats, including bookkeeping and marketing. Web developers must stay on top of the current technology, as well as have a good graphic design background.

Working Conditions

Web developers often work out of their homes. Many can work flexible hours that will fit their own needs as well as those of the businesses who hire them.



Many web developers are self-employed. They usually earn under $50,000. Those who are hired by large companies can earn a higher income.


Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

It is important to stay on top of the ever-changing technology being used for the World Wide Web. In addition to computer-related classes, mathematics, graphic design, English, advertising and communications courses will be helpful for this career.


Related Jobs

Computer network specialists, computer programmers, writers, and graphic artists/designers.


Education & Training

Many web developers learn the technology and skills on their own. But many have a background in computers and graphic design. Most have a college education.


Job Outlook

There will continue to be a strong demand for people entering this field.


Sources for Additional Information

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Pasadena, CA 91103

World Organization of Webmasters
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