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Writers create material for many different things such as books, magazines, newspapers, television and advertising. They write fiction or nonfiction. Writers often have editors who review their work. Editors are often writers too.

Working Conditions

Some writers work for businesses, but many work on their own. Writing can be a very satisfying job. Writers can write about any topic which is interesting to them.


The middle 50 percent of writers earn between $27,000 and $50,000 per year. Popular writers have the potential to earn considerably more.

Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Writers must be able to express ideas clearly and logically and should love to write. Creativity, curiosity, a broad range of knowledge, self-motivation and perseverance are important. Courses in English, creative writing, semantics and journalism are important.

Related Jobs

Other communications occupations include news analysts, reporters, correspondents, and public relations workers.

Education & Training

A college degree generally is required for a position as a writer. Some employers look for a broad liberal arts background, however, most prefer to hire people with degrees in communications, journalism, or English.

Job Outlook

The outlook for most writing jobs is expected to be competitive as many people with writing or journalism training are attracted to the occupation.

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