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A Step by Step Classroom Guide to Careers

A Step by Step Classroom Guide to Careers

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This comprehensive guide provides a year-by-year framework to teach career education along with core curriculum with minimal time, planning, and resources. Each grade level details the National Career Development Guidelines covered. The guide includes all activity duplicating masters which can be easily copied from the coil bound book or printed directly from the accompanying CD.

The new 2nd edition:

  • Incorporates portfolios and website suggestions for all grade levels
  • Introduces entrepreneurship as part of a career plan
  • Updated objectives, graphics and activities.

Each section is devoted to a single grade and provides step-by-step, grade level career curriculum that includes:

  • Planning and Preparation Guides
  • Materials Lists
  • Pre- and Post-Lesson Surveys
  • Lesson Plans
  • Activity Masters
  • Parent Letters
  • Websites

Topics include: discovery of strengths, introduction to school workers, attitudes about schools, tools used on the job, career clusters, gender stereotypes, introduction to academic preparations for a career plan and path.

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