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Able to Work Job Outlook A Special Needs Career Reference Book

Able to Work Job Outlook A Special Needs Career Reference Book

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This is the best resource available designed for special needs programs. Able to Work Job Outlook has been revised with new jobs and information! With over 120 jobs that require minimal education and training, Able to Work will help job seekers recognize the opportunities available for people with specific skills and abilities. Job duties are listed in an easy-to-read format.

"Starting Out and Moving Up" tells the reader what is needed to get the job, plus the new edition includes how to "move up" for those with the appropriate motivation and skills. The book is written in a low reading level with job titles and terms phonetically respelled. Each chapter starts with a "Words to Know" Section that describes industry-specific terms. Helpful icons are used to identify 12 personal and physical skills such as mobility and math. These icons help users easily locate jobs which fit their special requirements. Able to Work Job Outlook is a resource designed specifically for special needs, job training programs, workability and other government programs.

Sample pages available here.

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