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Auto-B-Good #19 Glenview Raceway

Auto-B-Good #19 Glenview Raceway


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These videos are viewed in households across the country on Public Television and have received an Emmy® Award for their superior animation. They are proven to captivate, entertain and educate elementary students. Whether in the classroom, auditorium, or through a school’s internal broadcast network these turbo-charged, fast paced episodes will help schools win the race for character.

#19 Sedona International Raceway

  • The Gift of Golf (Part 1) - Discovering Talent - Much to her surprise, Cali discovers a natural knack for miniature golf. With Elrod's help and some hard work, Cali learns how to take her talent to the next level.
  • The Gift of Golf (Part 2) - Commitment - When Cali competes in the mini-golf championship the pressure is intense, but with the help of her friends she may have a chance to win.
  • COTU Comics - Imagination - The laws of science are stacked against EJ and his dream of flying, but with the Professor's wise words about the power of imagination, EJ soars to unexpected new heights.

DVD includes English & Spanish versions!