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Auto-B-Good  #20 Lexington Speedway

Auto-B-Good #20 Lexington Speedway


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These videos are viewed in households across the country on Public Television and have received an Emmy® Award for their superior animation. They are proven to captivate, entertain and educate elementary students. Whether in the classroom, auditorium, or through a school’s internal broadcast network these turbo-charged, fast paced episodes will help schools win the race for character.

#20 Escondido Motor Raceway

  • Unusual Suspect (Part 1) - Judging others - Somebody took the statue of CJ Willey, and everyone in town is on the trail. Could it be Igor, the mysterious junkyard dealer, or Marley the reclusive artist? A mystery of epic proportions!
  • Unusual Suspect (Part 2) - Forgiveness - Our friends risk secret passages and a city-wide chase to find the missing statue of CJ Willey - see the conclusion of the case, with an eye opening surprise ending!
  • Scared-y Car - Friendship - Spooked after an accident, Miles sees hazards everywhere. In danger of becoming a hazard himself, Miles must overcome his fears.

DVD includes English & Spanish versions!