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Auto-B-Good #8 Midwest City Super Speedway

Auto-B-Good #8 Midwest City Super Speedway


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These videos are viewed in households across the country on Public Television and have received an Emmy® Award for their superior animation. They are proven to captivate, entertain and educate elementary students. Whether in the classroom, auditorium, or through a school’s internal broadcast network these turbo-charged, fast paced episodes will help schools win the race for character.

#8 Midwest City Super Speedway

  • Rumors of War – patriotism: The Super Mall on their precious soccer field prompts EJ and a few friends to make a last stand. But there are other ways to defend the land they love and save.
  • The Price of Freedom – citizenship: After peaking the curiosity of the younger cars, Franklin finally begins to share the story of his heroic friend CJ Willey and the Big War… And what it means to be a citizen.
  • No Greater Love – loyalty: Franklin continues to tell the heroic saga of CJ Willey’s bravery and the sacrifice he made to save his soldiers, but also the tests that affected relationships even after so many years.

DVD includes English and Spanish versions!