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Awesome Activities-169 Activities

Awesome Activities-169 Activities


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Awesome is truly the word to describe this new publication. No longer do you need to adapt an activity into a lesson you are creating as each activity comes with either a complete lesson plan that is appropriate for an entire classroom lesson or a lesson plan for those times when you have a shorter amount of time. If the activity requires a worksheet, the worksheet is ready to be reproduced for your students. In addition, many of the activities have additional ideas allowing you to expand the original activity or use it in an entirely different context.

In this book you will find activities for:

  • Starting The School Year
  • Bullying/Anger/Conflict
  • Communication
  • Self Esteem/Self-Concept
  • Peer Relationships
  • Cooperation/Teamwork
  • Study Habits
  • Decision-Making
  • Character Education
  • Career Awareness
  • Creativity/Imagination
  • Ending The School Year.


  • Learning Centers that integrate guidance topics with curriculum
  • Sociograms
  • Evaluations for students, teachers, parent conferences, and the guidance program
  • Bulletin board ideas

Extras: Reproducible bookmarks, wristbands, certificates, posters, and much more.