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Berenstain Bears - Count Their Blessings

Berenstain Bears - Count Their Blessings

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The Berenstain Bears videos are based on the best-selling books by Stan and Jan Berenstain that have sold more than 260,000,000 copies worldwide. Known and loved by children of all ages these fun and educational videos teach social skills, character traits, friendship skills and more.

Set in the rolling hills of Bear Country, this animated comedy stars a fun loving family of honey Bears, Mamma, Pappa, Brother and Sister, whose love, loyalty and humour allow them to overcome any obstacle that finds its way down to their sunny dirt road. The funny, familiar experiences of this bear family are easy for kids to identify with and learn from.

Includes the folowing episodes:

  • Count Their Blessings- Brother and Sister often complain that their friends have more things than they do. Mama and Papa tell them they should be thankful for all the things they do have. When a big thunderstorm rages outside and the power goes out, the cubs are reminded of how fortunate they are to have loving parents and a cozy home to live in. It’s a good time to count their blessings.
  • Think Of Those In Need- When Brother and Sister have to clean their room, they find they have more things than places to store it all. They decide to donate their extra games, puzzles and books to the Home For Retired Bears. Later, Brother discovers that he has given away a book he wanted to keep. In the process of searching the Retirement Home for his accidental donation, he and Sister visit with some of the elderly residents and learn how rewarding it is to share their time with others.
  • The Big Blooper- While visiting her friend’s house, Sister watches a video intended for a teenage audience. The movie contains some “colorful” language, which Sister innocently repeats at the Bears’ dinner table. After Sister explains where she heard the offensive word, Mama tells her how their language has thousands of words to choose from, by picking words that show she respects the feelings of others, she’ll be saying a lot about herself.
  • Too Much Vacation- From the moment the Bear Family arrives at their mountain cabin, Papa’s promise of ‘the best vacation ever’ begins going down hill like an alpine avalanche. Not only is the cabin a shack, but also the lake has more weeds than the Sargasso Sea and the only thing biting are the mosquitoes. It becomes increasingly difficult for Papa to keep a smile on his face as he slips down muddy slopes, breaks through the bottom of the rotten rowboat and is chased by little forest critters. Ultimately it rains so much, the run-off floods them out and carries a sleeping Papa out to the middle of the lake on his mattress. That’s the last straw. Papa’s best vacation ever has turned out to be the worst vacation ever. It’s only when the cubs show Papa the snapshots they’ve been taking of him and the so-called calamities that he finally realizes how much fun they’ve been having all along because having fun is just a matter of attitude.
  • The New Neighbours- When the family next door moves away, Papa, Mama and the cubs all hope their new neighbors will be just like their old ones. But when the new neighbors turn out to be nothing at all like the old ones, the Bear Family has trouble adjusting and can’t seem to warm up to them. But, by focusing on who their new neighbors are instead of who they aren’t, the Bear Family learns to appreciate their differences and realizes the new neighbors are just as great as the old ones - in their own way.