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Buddy Learns About Bullying Student Involvement Pack

Buddy Learns About Bullying Student Involvement Pack

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Buddy gets a stomach ache just thinking about Jake, the bully. At first Buddy tries to appease Jake, but this only makes matters worse. Buddy then tries a number of strategies, but nothing seems to work. Finally, thanks to suggestions from Buddy's friend Tommy, Buddy does find a way to deal with Jake. Jake then turns to bullying other children. Buddy's friend, Sarah, gives him a list of ways to stop the bullying.Buddy finally helps put a stop to the bullying and becomes a hero when he reports Jake to the teacher for hurting Carolyn.

Student Involvement Pack includs:

  • Reproducible black & white story book
  • Reproducible black & white activities
  • Full color 11"x17" poster
  • CD of all included material for easy printing