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Buddy Learns About Tattling Student Involvement Pack

Buddy Learns About Tattling Student Involvement Pack

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Buddy is unpopular with the other children because he is always telling on them when he doesn't get his way. His first thought is to run and tell the teacher. This changes when his friend, Sarah, suggests he use the stop light as a model. The red light means to stop and think. The yellow light means to decide if telling will be helpful. The green light means to tell if this will help prevent harm or injury. It’s important to know the difference between telling and tattling. Telling is sometimes necessary, but is NOT helpful if it only gets someone in trouble.

Student Involvement Pack includs:

  • Reproducible black & white story book
  • Reproducible black & white activities
  • Full color 11"x17" poster
  • CD of all included material for easy printing
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