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Buddy Takes Responsibility Student Involvement Pack

Buddy Takes Responsibility Student Involvement Pack

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Buddy is afraid that he will get in trouble if he takes responsibility for his misbehavior and mistakes. He feels it is easier and safer to blame others. Finally, the other children begin to get angry for being blamed and refuse to play with Buddy. He then learns what it feels like to be unfairly accused when he is blamed for the misbehavior of another. Buddy realizes that he has been lying and blaming instead of taking responsibility. He learns to admit his mistakes and make amends for past errors. The story is accompanied by questions to stimulate discussion of important issues.

Student Involvement Pack includs:

  • Reproducible black & white story book
  • Reproducible black & white activities
  • Full color 11"x17" poster
  • CD of all included material for easy printing
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