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Career Critters Book & CD

Career Critters Book & CD

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Career Critters is an informative, interactive, and innovative career program for use with early elementary students. Each of the 16 Career Cluster lessons includes a leader’s guide and a reproducible student booklet with a story and activity pages.

As the stories are read, the students have the options of using stick puppets to portray the characters while participating in interactive questioning. Activity pages complete the reproducible booklets, giving students an opportunity to personalize their thoughts about each career cluster. When completed, the student booklets can be taken home and shared with parents.

Each 30-minute lesson reinforces language, reading, listening, and writing skills. Featuring reproducible student booklets for each of the 16 Career Clusters

Includes a CD with PDF files for the reproducible activity sheets and colorful versions of each story that are level 1 Whiteboard compatible.