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Careers for Me Junior Reference Book

Careers for Me Junior Reference Book

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Now you will have an age-appropriate reference book for your younger elementary students and a great resource to supplement your career awareness program!

The Junior Careers for Me Reference Book does much more than just define the job. Here your students can look up almost one hundred different careers and learn:

  • Definition of the job
  • What school subjects are important to the career
  • Attributes about the career (indoors, outdoors, working with animals, travel, working with computers)

In addition, each career is coded with the Careers for Me cluster icon, so students can easily thumb through the book to find jobs which fit a specific cluster. It will even list some of the skills and interests important for the job. This book is the supplement of choice when using Careers for Me Junior so young students can easily research careers. All of the jobs listed in Careers for Me Junior are included, as well as many more. There are approximately 16 careers per cluster, so students have plenty from which to choose. This book also works well as a reference for the classroom and all career awareness programs for young grades.

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