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Character Education Quiz Show 1-4

Character Education Quiz Show 1-4

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Keeping kids interested and engaged in character education can be a loosing battle. These entertaining and fast paced quiz shows come to the rescue! Using a fun and easy to grasp quiz show format these programs focus on five, age appropriate, character definitions and their application. A true understanding of each trait emerges as each situation and its associated choices and consequences are discussed.

These videos define age-appropriate character concepts, apply these concepts to realistic situations and stimulate group and classroom discussion.

  • Levels 1 & 2 cover: Confidence, Cooperation, Courtesy, Forgiveness, Helpfulness, Kindness, Loyalty and Respect.
  • Levels 3 & 4 cover: Compassion, Dependability, Determination, Gratefulness, Industriousness, Patience, Self-discipline and Tolerance.

Kit includes 4 different levels: Level 1: Gr: 2-3, Level 2: Gr: 2-4, Level 3: Gr: 3-5, Level 4: Gr:4-6, user’s guide and reproducible activities.

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