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Classroom Guidance from A to Z

Classroom Guidance from A to Z


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Classroom Guidance From A To Z provides the middle school counselor with a collection of 26 classroom lessons that can each be completed in one class period. Each lesson conforms to ASCA standards and includes an objective, a list of materials needed, a description of what needs to be done before the lesson can be presented, and step-by-step presentation of the lesson itself.

Now you can have ready-to-use lessons with complete lesson plans, activities, and where needed reproducible activity sheets on the following topics: Anger Management, Bullying, Cooperation, Decision-Making, Effective Communication, Feelings, Good Grades, Homework, Internet Safety, Jobs and Careers, Keys To Success, Loss, Mediation, Nutrition, Odor, Positive Thinking, Questionnaire, Relational Aggression, Stress, Test-Taking, Strategies, Understanding Differences, Visualizations and Affirmations, Worries, Exploring Character Traits, You, Zoom Into The Future.

By visiting classrooms, you will not only help teachers and students, you will also enhance your image. Students will see you as an integral member of the staff, not someone who works behind closed doors.