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Computers - Discovering Careers

Computers - Discovering Careers


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The new Discovering Careers series combines concise career information with a lively, full-color presentation to help young readers explore a wide range of possible future careers. Each book takes a close-up look at 20 careers and explains the nature of the work, what it takes to break into the field, typical earnings, and much more.

Careers profiled include:

  • Computer and electronics sales representatives
  • Computer and office machine service technicians
  • Computer and video game designers
  • Computer network specialists
  • Computer programmers
  • Computer science teachers
  • Computer security specialists
  • Computer support specialists
  • Computer systems analysts
  • Computer trainers
  • Database specialists
  • Graphics programmers
  • Hardware engineers
  • Internet transaction specialists
  • Microelectronics technicians
  • Software designers
  • Software engineers
  • Technical writers and editors
  • Web designers
  • Web masters

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