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Creative Career Education & CD

Creative Career Education & CD

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Creative Career Education offers innovative and interactive career-education lessons for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Packed with reproducible activity sheets and colorful printable posters and card games, each lesson will keep students engaged as they learn about how their interests and skills relate to possible career choices.

Ready-to-use, each grade level offers:

  • Four or five age-appropriate career-education lessons
  • Vocabulary words in each lesson to increase students’ knowledge of words related to careers
  • My Portfolio which asks students to write about their interests and what they would like to be when they grow up.

Students will have fun and learn about careers as they participate in a variety of stimulating activities!

Kindergarten: Students learn about the different tools and vehicles used by workers while playing Career Bingo and Career Cards.

  • Grade 1: Students complete the Career/Hobby Match activity sheet by guessing what hobby or favorite pastime each of six workers had when they were young, and participate in a Grab Bag activity which relates hobbies and pastimes to careers.
  • Grade 2: Students gain personal insight as they participate in the Would You Rather? activity, and create a Career Worm by brainstorming job titles beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Grade 3: Students associate pictures of personal interests to the Interest Area Posters displayed around the room, and participate in the Gear Up to Careers activity. Grade 4: Students have fun as they bid on lifestyle and priceless items in a Career Auction, and complete A World of Goals booklet.
  • Grade 5: Students complete the What’s My Personality Type assessment, and create a Career Map depicting their career journeys.

These and many more activities make this the must-have career-education program for elementary counselors!