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Drama-Free Tweens Manual & CD

Drama-Free Tweens Manual & CD

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In today’s world, many girls get noticed because their personalities are bold and outgoing. These girls, referred to as “sassy” girls, may often behave in a dramatic manner. Most “sassy” girls get noticed because of their strong, confident, and energetic personalities, which is awesome! But girls need to be aware if the attention they are receiving is positive or negative. The purpose of the Drama-Free Tweens group manual is not to take away their spirited sassiness, but to teach tween girls practical coping strategies. By teaching girls how to express and accept themselves and communicate more effectively, their “sass” can be channeled into positive energy that helps girls to succeed in relationships and in school.

The program consists of 10 sessions:

  • Lesson 1: Meeting the “Cast”
  • Lesson 2: Expressing Feelings
  • Lesson 3: Express Yourself
  • Lesson 4: Self-Esteem
  • Lesson 5: Embracing Me
  • Lesson 6: Positive Vs. Negative Attention
  • Lesson 7: Parents Matter
  • Lesson 8: Setting Goals
  • Lesson 9: Create a Drama-Free Plan
  • Lesson 10: Bringing It All Together

Girls who completed this 10-session small group exhibited less behavior infractions, increased levels of motivation, more proactive instead of reactive behaviors, a willingness to seek help from the counselor to avoid drama-infused situations, and more positive outlooks in school.