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Focus on the Test

Focus on the Test

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It’s time for standardized tests. All thoughts are on how well your students will measure up to national and local expectations. They’ve been taught what needed to be taught, but will they remember the information? Will they take the test seriously? Will they know how to best take the test? If you’re not sure, it’s time for FOCUS On The Test.

FOCUS On The Test is a five-lesson classroom or small-group program that packages effective test-taking strategies and relates them to the word FOCUS. Each lesson emphasizes one of the letters of the word and students learn:

  • F- FACE IT refers to having a positive attitude about tests and paying attention
  • O- ORGANIZE your body in a testing position, work at a medium pace, and organize the answer choices
  • C- CONQUER negative feelings about taking tests and use brain power to beat the test!
  • U- UNDERSTAND IT- Read carefully so you UNDERSTAND what you read. Hear the words in your mind. Underline key words and absolutes like all, never, etc.
  • S- SCAN the entire test when you’re finished. Check for any “trouble with the bubble” or skipped sections

Modalities used to hold students’ interest include posters, activities, and worksheets. Students’ weekly entries reflect their comprehension of the concept presented and how they will incorporate it into their test-taking procedures.