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Getting to Keep the Job You Find DVD

Getting to Keep the Job You Find DVD


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Part of the "Getting the Job You Really Want" DVD Series. This comprehensive set of DVDs takes you step-by-step throughout every phase of the job search, plus keep it! The series teaches how to identify what you want in a job, find the job in less time, interview effectively, negotiate pay and benefits, keep that job and move up. This series is an ideal supplement to the Getting the Job You Really Want workbook, but it can also reinforce training on virtually any job search topic.

Part 10: You followed the lead. You polished your resume. You aced the interview. You landed the job. Congratulations. Now it's time to go to work. For some people, getting the job is the hardest part. But keeping it can be just as difficult. In most cases, the person who has the most control over your job success is you. This video gives practical, time-tested advice for doing just that. You even learn the best way to leave a job when the job you want even more comes along.

Save by purchasing this DVD as part of the complete series!