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Good Workers Rule! with CD

Good Workers Rule! with CD

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Good work habits are essential to the success of every student. This clever program focuses on five elementary student work habits often cited as having an impact on classroom performance:

Giving your best effort

Paying attention

Getting along with others

Being organized

Managing time

Designed to teach these five essential work habits in a variety of ways with the purpose of reaching and motivating each student, this innovative program offers:

Classroom lessons for kindergarten through Grade 2 with unique characters, activities, and songs to help students remember the skills presented

Follow-up activities for teachers to use to reinforce the lessons

Grade level guidance ideas

Ideas for parents

Whether it’s a whole class or grade level or the entire school in need of strengthening one or all of these work habits, Good Workers Rule! will provide an overall approach to teaching the importance of being a good worker.

Throughout the program, students are introduced to characters created from everyday school tools: Inchy, the ruler. Cloris, the crayon box, Captain Stucco, the glue bottle, Professor Sharp, the scissors, Zippy, the backpack

These lovable characters represent specific work habits and remind students to use each Good Worker Rule. In addition, the program connects specific school work habits to those required to be successful in the world of work.

The lessons are aligned with the ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success and include suggestions for evaluating the program. The CD allows the user to easily print the reproducible worksheets/pages in black and white or color. PDFs on CD are level 1 Whiteboard Compatible