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One Step At a Time Student Involvement Pack

One Step At a Time Student Involvement Pack

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The two children are continually fighting and blaming each other. Mark refuses to cooperate when Niki starts giving orders and group performance deteriorates. This bickering prompts the teacher, Ms. Rogers, to instruct the class in conflict resolution. She guides Mark and Niki in following the steps in the cycle to resolve their disagreement over project leadership. The solution to the conflict turns out to be a big surprise to everyone. The story is accompanied by fill-in questions to stimulate thought and discussion of important issues. A short multiple choice quiz is presented at the end which permits the student to apply what he or she has learned to real world conflict situations.

Student Involvement Pack includes:

  • Reproducible black & white story book
  • Reproducible black & white activities
  • Full color 11"x17" poster
  • CD of all included material for easy printing
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