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School-Wide Guidance - Be a Shining Star!

School-Wide Guidance - Be a Shining Star!

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In order to stay in school, students must want to be there. Guidance counselors can help make this happen by providing stimulating and exciting all-school programs.

School-Wide Guidance: Be A Shining Star! is divided into two sections. The first is the Shining Stars Guidance program, and the second is a collection of schoolwide programs for each month of the school year.

The Shining Star Guidance program is designed to increase positive social interaction to stop the day-to-day bullying, teasing, and fighting that take up much of a counselor’s time. This program offers a selection of ideas that recognize students who perform good deeds, students who set a good example, and students who excel academically. There are ten game plans that include the counselor visiting classrooms to read to the students, holding coloring and poster contests, and providing DVD/video and book resources for parents.

The monthly guidance program offers a variety of ideas including a workshop for Kindergarten parents and ideas for Red Ribbon Week and National School Counselor’s Week.

The variety of ideas in this book will enable any counselor to end the school year feeling that every student has been touched by guidance in one way or another.

The included CD features color PDF files of the reproducible pages.