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Set of 16 Student Involvement Packs

Set of 16 Student Involvement Packs

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Our popular student involvement packs were created by a counselor to help children handle a variety of situations and life events, as well as teach them valuable life skills. Through the use of a reproducible story book combined with activities these packs provide ready to implement programs for today’s busy counselor. The included full color 11” X 17” poster is designed to reinforce the lessons, themes and concepts covered in the story book. Each Program now includes a CD-ROM of all the included materials to allow for easy printing of additional copies as needed.

The Set Includes:

Buddy Gets Angry: Buddy acts up in school and throws a toy at his friend Tommy. With the help of the school counselor he learns safe, effective and easy to use anger management techniques. #739

Buddy Learns About Bullying: With the help of the school counselor Buddy learns ways to deal with the school bully. #771

Buddy Learns About Tattling: Ms. Jones Buddy’s teacher helps him learn when it is appropriate to tell an adult and how he can control his tattling. #801

Buddy Learns About Teasing: Buddy is having a hard time being teased by several other kids in school. With the help of the school counselor he learns several effective ways to handle the teasing. #720

Buddy Learns from His Mistakes: Buddy is easily frustrated and often gives up when a task is too hard or doesn’t work out the way he wants. With the help of Ms. Lee his teacher, he learns that everyone makes mistakes and he can’t succeed if he doesn’t keep trying. #78X

Buddy Learns To Listen: Buddy is often distracted and doesn’t listen carefully to what people tell him. After several bad experiences due to his inattention he gets help from his teacher Ms. Jones and learns how to become an active listener. #712

Buddy Learns To Play Fair: Buddy’s desire to win pushes him to play inappropriately and eventually keeps the other children from wanting to play with him. The school counselor Mr. Brown helps Buddy learn the value of fair play and how to be a good sport. #674

Buddy Takes Responsibility: Buddy is always making excuses, blaming others and not taking responsibility for his actions. He learns with the help of his teacher and his friends that it is best if he is honest and takes responsibility. #763

Buddy’s Family Changes: Buddy’s parents are getting a divorce. This has Buddy upset, confused and distracted in school. With the help of the school counselor Buddy learns that it is not his fault that his family is changing, that many families change, his feelings are natural and he will always have someone to care for him. #682

Buddy’s Granddad Gets Sick: Buddy’s granddad gets sick and is no longer able to do all the things he and Buddy used to do together. Buddy learns about how he can help his granddad as well as how to understand his feelings about the change. #798

Buddy’s Granddad Dies: Buddy and his family deal with the death of his granddad. Buddy Learns about death, goes to the funeral, and starts to work through his grief over the loss of his granddad. #690

Buddy Misses His Granddad: After his Granddad’s funeral Buddy still feels sad, and doesn’t want to go back to school. With the help of his parents, the school counselor and a grief group he joins after school, he gets support and assistance in continuing his grief journey. #755

One Step at a Time: Mark and Nikki are constantly bickering, fighting and disrupting the classroom. This prompts their teacher Ms. Rodgers to teach them about the conflict resolution cycle and help them implement it to resolve their conflicts. #437

Playing The Game: Winning was so important to Desmond that he would do anything to win including cheating or starting a fight. The result was that Desmond began to lose the respect and friendship of his classmates. The school counselor guides Desmond through the steps he needs to take in regaining this respect. #445

Sticks & Stones: Corbin is often teased by Desmond and is unsuccessful in trying to end the teasing on his own. Mr. Ward the school counselor helps him learn safe, effective ways to deal with the teasing. #461

Two Ears & One Mouth: Marcella is often distracted and doesn’t listen carefully to what people tell her leading to confusion and hurt feelings. After several bad experiences and a run in with her mother she gets help from Mr. Ward the school counselor and learns how to become an active listener #453

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