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Storytelling Guidance II Book & CD

Storytelling Guidance II Book & CD

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As in the first book, there are five reproducible short stories that give young children not only the opportunity to read or hear about important life-skills, but also the opportunity to personalize each page with answers to comprehension questions and coloring. This format allows the presenter to involve young children as the story is being read, rather than waiting until the end of the story. Leaders know immediately if the concepts are learned and children have fun doing the activity presented. When completed, each child may take his/her completed book home to share with family members.

The valuable life-skill lessons are:

  • Quinton’s Bad Words- Using bad language makes a boy unpopular with other children.
  • The Rainbow- Emphasizes the value of cooperation.
  • Terry’s Old Clothes- Illustrates the importance of not judging people by outward appearances.
  • Kind Kurt- Rude Rudy learns that kindness pays when trying to make friends.
  • Using Kind Words- Emphasizes the importance of saying nice things to others.

    These exciting reproducible stories provide educators with lessons in reading, language arts, vocabulary development, and affective education. Also included are supplementary activities which can be used with each lesson. Includes ASCA standards met for each story.